Grace Place is a discipled, community housing program in Redding, CA with the purpose of creating an environment for young men and women to pursue a deeper walk with the Lord. Our goal is for each student to live in healthy community, accountability, and close relationships with committed leaders willing to invest into their life. Many Christians desire to be equipped and activated in a lifestyle of excellence and the supernatural, and Grace Place helps fulfill that desire by faithfully instilling identity into our students through mentorship, weekly events, and intentional connection. Our focus is not only to provide housing, but also to develop identity, build strong foundations, ignite passion, and awaken potential so that each student is prepared to transform the world for Christ. 

Grace Place is not for everyone, but it is for those who want to maximize their time in Redding by dedicating their energy and focus towards discipleship, growth, and a wholehearted pursuit of the Lord. Most students come to Redding with excitement and expectation, but find that school is only a fraction of the time in each week. Grace Place invites young adults into a community that is already established with other students, disciples, and lovers of Jesus who are committed to helping each other get the most out of their year. 

We have live out our core value of discipleship by actively pursue personal, mentoring relationships with each of our students. Why? Because we have seen that, while teaching imparts knowledge, true growth only comes through experience and practical application. Grace Place is an opportunity for students to daily apply everything they learn at school, from the basics of identity in Christ to walking in all areas of supernatural ministry (preaching, evangelizing, healing, etc).

The structure of Grace Place is consistently successful because it allows for a transition into Redding without the pressure of finding roommates, establishing house guidelines, furnishing a house, purchasing monthly supplies, and most importantly, building close-knit community. Students get to step right in to a family that has been thriving for 12 years! We are excited for the future and what God will do through Grace Place and all of our alumni!

If you are coming to Redding and desire to grow through discipleship, we encourage you to prayerfully consider applying to Grace Place.

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For questions or more information, email us at graceplaceredding@gmail.com

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