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Discipleship resources that unlock your potential


You were created to disciple.

Discipleship shouldn't be hard to learn.

Our resources make it simple.

Live a life worth replicating.

Take off your limits.

Renew your mind and walk in your identity in Christ.

Unlock your potential.

Discover how God intends to use you to change the world.

Transform your community.

See the fruit of discipleship in every relationship in your life.

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decades of
  • Invaluable wisdom from Daniel Newton, founder & author

  • Firsthand experience discipling over 150 graduates

  • Lessons learned in 12 years of discipled, community housing.

Through The Highs and Lows.
  • We know the struggle to find quality, discipleship resources

  • Learn from our victories and avoid the same mistakes.

  • Finally, resources that combine "Spirit-led" and "Truth-filled"


Never Give up
The Lost Art of Discipleship
truth in tension

Discipleship resources that unlock your potenial.


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