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Michelle Mbok

Michelle is a proud Cameroonian-American. She was born in Denver, Colorado, grew up in Congo and Cameroon, and spent most of her life in Virginia. She is fluent in French and intermediate in Spanish. She completed all three years of BSSM in 2018, and in 2019, she graduated from Simpson University with her bachelor’s degree in Political Science/Pre-law. Currently, she is pursuing her master’s degree in Organizational Leadership at Simpson University while serving on the leadership team of Grace Place.

Michelle is passionate about intimacy with God, lifestyle in the Kingdom of God, discipleship, spiritual intelligence, healthy families, business, politics, law and order, and health and wellness. She wants to see believers of Jesus Christ die to themselves, carry their crosses, and embrace a life that is worthy of the Gospel. During her free time, she enjoys playing tennis or working out. She loves to cook healthy meals with the Holy Spirit, write/journal, dance, sing, and organize her house. She also enjoys traveling and going on adventures. So far she has been to Congo, Cameroon, France, South Africa, Gabon, Canada, South Korea, Indonesia, and many other places.

Michelle is fun, special, and very creative. People who meet her describe her as hospitable and full of joy. Michelle is gifted at seeing people prophetically and calling them forth into who God created them to be. She is an encourager at heart and a lover of people.

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