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30 Day Challenge

refresh, renew,
and reset
through the
grace place
30-Day challenge!


Life has been hard for many in the last two years, but we don’t need to simply wait for things to one day improve or go back to “normal.” Get started on an intentional journey to pursue transformation! Spend 30 days adopting a variety of disciplines to intentionally grow and thrive in every area of your life.

From Daniel Newton

I believe this will be a great time of growth, freedom, focus, and total health. This is a challenge to come back to a place of complete wholeness in Him. We are triune beings who are spirit, soul, and body. Therefore, we will be focusing on revitalizing these three aspects of our nature through daily disciplines. When compounded over time, these small disciplines will create a powerful impact in our lives and in those around us.

What to Expect

This 30-Day Challenge is designed to be a complete physical, emotional, and spiritual overhaul, restoring all of what the enemy has taken from you through stress, worry, and fear. As you focus your time and energy toward learning and practicing these daily disciplines, get ready to feel lighter, freer, and less burdened. Some of these practices will feel familiar to you, while others will be completely new. As you begin to integrate these into your daily routine, the effect on your life will be exponential. The goal of this 30-Day Reset is not small, incremental change, but a radical makeover! Now is a time for total transformation.
Now is a time to refresh, renew, and reset.

The time a caterpillar spends inside a cocoon is a time of massive transformation. It enters in with limitations, but it comes out ready to take to the skies. This is not a simple refurbishing of something old, it is a complete metamorphosis. In the same way, these next thirty days will be a time of greater internal and external transformation. As your spirit is refreshed, expect limiting beliefs and unhealthy cycles finally come to an end. As your soul is renewed, expect an increase in clear, joyful, and hope-filled thinking. As your body is reset, expect to feel more energized and full of life than you have in a long time.
Below is a list of the practices that we will be implementing. Are you ready?


your Spirit

  • Time with Jesus

  • Morning Meditation

  • Read a Proverb a Day

  • Take Communion

  • Give Prophecy

  • Intercede

  • Fast

  • Memorize Scripture

  • Nightly Journal

  • Serve/Help Someone

  • Receive Inspiration

  • Give Inspiration

  • Daily Reading

  • Declarations


Your Soul

your Body


  • Quality Sleep

  • Healthy Diet

  • Workout/Exercise​

  • Drinking water

  • Stretching

  • Vitamins​​

  • Spend Time Outdoors

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*Fitness & Nutritional Information Disclaimer:
GPM can offer health, fitness, and nutritional information including, without limitation, advice and recommendation, that is provided solely as general education and informational purposes. Use of the advice and information contained herein is at your sole choice and risk. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your physician or healthcare provider before beginning any nutrition or exercise program. If you choose to use this information without prior consent of your physician, You are agreeing to accept full responsibility for your decisions and agreeing to hold harmless Grace Place Ministries.
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