Daniel Newton

Founder & Overseer

Daniel was born and raised on the border of Maryland and Pennsylvania in a God-fearing family. Daniel was exposed at a young age to the power of the Holy Spirit and chose to accept Jesus at 9 years old. Throughout his childhood he had the privilege of seeing many different revivalists and generals of the faith as he traveled with his family up and down the East Coast. As he witnessed different moves of God in all the meetings that he attended, he quickly desired to see a fresh move in his own life that would affect the world around him. When he was 14 years old, he went on his first missions trip to Bolivia, a trip that marked his life forever and awakened a passion in his heart for missions.

From that time on he began going on missions trips every year, traveling worldwide and experiencing everything from smuggling Bibles into countries that persecuted Christians to preaching the gospel to large crowds to seeing the sick healed and the oppressed set free, all through the grace of Jesus Christ. These experiences eventually culminated into him organizing and leading his first team to Peru at age 22.

During his late teens and early 20’s, Daniel was a youth and young adult leader at his home church in Pennsylvania. At the same time he started a job as a mental health worker, unknowingly receiving a healthy amount of training in assisting young people who were struggling with mild mental disorders.

Afterwards, Daniel moved to Alabama and attended a ministry school for one year. Following graduation, he moved to Redding, California in 2006 to complete Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry’s three-year program. Daniel graduated the program in 2009 and since then, he has traveled to over 40 countries preaching the Gospel and establishing the church in her identity in Christ. Among other locations he has visited, Daniel has a massive heart for South Africa and still leads teams there annually.

In 2008, with the encouragement of friends and leaders, Daniel began mentoring young men while helping to oversee a property in Redding. After investing into these young men's lives, God gave him a dream of a discipled community housing program where young men and women would create an environment for spiritual growth, maturity, and personal development. Over time this dream became the program now known as Grace Place. Daniel's passion for Christ, dedication to excellence, and selfless love have brought out the full potential of the young men and women he disciples. Daniel regularly organizes and leads teams across the world and continues to oversee Grace Place which has grown to 10 properties.

Joseph Fagot is 26 years old and originally from the suburbs of Miami, Florida. He has completed all three years of BSSM, earned an Associate’s in the Physical Sciences, and has assisted Grace Place on and off for the last six years. He met Daniel Newton in 2010 and has been mentored by him ever since, seeing the growth and power found in sonship. He is passionate about pursuing writing, music of many genres, acting, sports of any kind, and adventures of the unusual and memorable kind. Currently, he serves as Senior Associate at Grace Place and travels with Daniel, speaking and leading worship. He enjoys speaking on the simple Gospel, conveyed through Christ and found in every Scripture of the Bible. He spends his free time traveling, indulging in competitions of various forms, reading and writing, and laughing at fire memes.

Joseph Fagot

Senior Associate

Meet the Leadership Team

Downing McDade

30 years old

Mooresville, North Carolina  

Sara Harding

26 years old

Roseburg, Oregon  

Eric Heinrichs

23 years old

Hico, Texas

Austin Chappell

24 years old

Rockwall, Texas

Mason Prescott

22 years old

Waverly, Iowa

Jonathan Harding

24 years old

Roseburg, Oregon  

Jonathan Carter

21 years old

Thomasville, North Carolina

Annie Moyer

21 years old

Portland, Oregon

Aaron Fraga

27 years old

Key West, Florida

Miguel Kristiansen

26 years old

Kolmar, Sweden

Jesse Wahl

28 years old

Hankinson, North Dakota

Amy Blackman

22 years old

Durban, South Africa

Yonathan Chandra

21 years old

Bandung, Indonesia

Jay Bell

21 years old

Atlanta, Georgia

Ryan Ryken

21 years old

Santa Clarita, California

Joel Binder
21 years old

Tübingen, Germany

Caleb Guenther

21 years old

Guymon, Oklahoma

Nathanael Voogd

20 years old

Isernhagen, Germany

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