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Kathy Newton

Kathy Newton is from Hanover, Pennsylvania. She has three sons, two daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren. Kathy’s life is marked by a rich history with God. In her 42 years of walking with Jesus, she helped start “Aglow” women’s ministry and “On the LIGHT/side Ministries.” She has traveled, co-led, and ministered on over 18 missions trips all over the world. She taught at her home church for over 15 years. From ministering to the poor to one-on-one discipling, Kathy’s heart is to preach the Gospel of grace and righteousness and to see people transformed by the finished work of the Cross.


All three of her sons are walking with the Lord. Her youngest, Daniel, is our founder and overseer. She played a vital role in supporting the establishment of Grace Place 11 years ago and continues to be a massive resource to our community today. She serves as pastoral oversight, meeting with students, leading Bible studies, overseeing female student properties, and sharing her rich revelation of the Gospel.

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